Confirmed: DNA confirms bones are King Richard III’s!

It has been confirmed that the bones that were beneath a Leicester car park are in fact King Richard III’s. Finally this King can have a burial that he deserves. Experts at the University of Leicester said that they match the DNA of the King with a descendants of the Monarch’s family. The descendant they found was a 17th generation descendant of Richard’s sister. Richard was killed in battle in 1485 and will be reinterred in Leicester Cathedral. However, over the pass few months many people have debated where Richard should be buried. BBC History Magazine actually did a poll and they had four options for the general public to chose from. These four places are: Reburied in Leicester, Interred in Westminster Abbey, Buried in York Minster as Richard III allegedly wished and the final one was to put the bones on public display. Many people have different views on where he should be buried. I believe that Richard should be buried at York Minster were he said he wanted to be buried. I feel that his last wishes should be respected and where he wanted to be buried to be honoured.

The skeleton of Richard III had suffered 10 injuries in total including eight to his skull, at around the time of his death. It is said that two of the wounds to his skull were potentially fatal. One of the wounds to his skull was a slice which removed a flap of bone and the other wound to his skull that was considered potentially fatal was caused by a bladed weapon which went through and hit the opposite side of his skull so this meant that this wound was a depth of more than 10cm which is 4 inches.

It is said that Leicester plans to build on the area where the King was found. A permanent museum to Richard III is expected to open in Leicester by early 2014 says officials.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet where Richard will be buried yet but a bid to get the King’s skeleton interred in York, where he did have close ties, continues.

A facial reconstruction has been done on the King’s skull and they have now released a picture of what the King might have looked liked before his death in 1485.

Below is the well know picture and most famous Picture of Richard III and the other picture is a facial reconstruction using the King’s skull and this is what he might have looked like before his death. The third picture is of the Richard’s skeleton.




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4 responses to “Confirmed: DNA confirms bones are King Richard III’s!

  1. Isn’t this cool?! Not too often discoveries like this one are made.

  2. Yeah it is exciting 🙂 I hope they find them too.

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