Death of Catherine of Valois

On this day Catherine of Valois dies shortly after childbirth at just 35 years old. Catherine was the wife of King Henry V of England. They were married for just 2 years when Henry died from dysentery. He died just before his 35th Birthday, Catherine was not quite 21 and was now a widow. Henry never got to meet his baby and future heir Prince Henry. It is unsure whether Catherine married again as their is no record of her marriage again after Henry’s death. However, she died have a relationship with Owen Tudor who she went on to have at least 6 children with Owen. Their children were Thomas Tudor, Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond, Jasper Tudor, 1st Duke of Bedford, Owen Tudor, Tacinda Tudor and Margaret Tudor. Edmund, Jasper and Owen were all born away from court. However, on the 3rd January 1437, Catherine died shortly after childbirth and was buried in Westminster Abbey. Catherine and Owens sons were given earldoms by Catherine and Henry V’s son King Henry VI. Catherine and Owens son Edmund married Margaret Beaufort, who was a lady of royal decent and their son became King Henry VII of England. So not only was Catherine a wife of a King, and mother of a King, so was also a grandmother of a King.




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2 responses to “Death of Catherine of Valois

  1. Wow, she really was a pivotal character!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post on the death of Catherine Valois x

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