A Victorian Christmas

So as we draw nearer to Christmas I thought that I would do a post on a Traditional Victorian Christmas before everything became too commercialize when it use to take months of preparation to make sure Christmas was that extra special. The Victorian’s saw Christmas as a Religious occasion but giving and family were the most important things to the Victorians at Christmas time. The reason their Christmas was extra special was because it was all about the handmade things for example: Mufflers, embroidered handkerchiefs, bookmarks, pen wipers and so much more. That is why it took them months of preparation to make sure that Christmas was just as special every year. This preparation normally took place throughout the Autumn and Winter months. Even when it came to them wrapping the gifts that they had made with loving care they made sure that the colour of the paper, tissue and cloth matched the ribbons that they were going to use.


Once Christmas Eve arrives the last of the relatives will arrive for the celebrations of Christmas. This is quite a bit different from our Christmas because now-a-days it is mostly common that we have our immediate family around us at Christmas time. Whereas in the Victorian times it wasn’t just immediate family members that arrived to celebrate Christmas it was aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. The reason for this was because family was the most important aspect to the Victorians. On the afternoon of Christmas Eve the children finally get to see the Christmas Tree which has been locked away in the parlor. The Victorians decorate their Christmas tree with candles, tinsel, ornaments that have been handmade by them with bits of colourful scraps of art, ribbons, and so much more. They even decorated the Christmas tree with ropes of popcorn and cranberries. Then during the evening that was the time when the Victorians exchange gifts. Once the exchange of gifts had taken place they perform Musical and acting performances.


Finally the day that everyone has been waiting for and the long preparations have finally leads to Christmas day. The Victorians started their Christmas Day with Christmas Mass. After Mass they take a trip to the bakers to pick up their Christmas goose and other meats. After their grand Christmas dinner and Christmas pudding they clear up and have afternoon naps. They then go to visit friends. Another thing that it different to our Christmas is that in Victorian England most of the shops stayed open even on the festive day. Caroling also takes place the same day when families go door-to-door to their neighbors to entertain them with festive Christmas songs.


Christmas Day then draws to a close and it is time for the festivities of Boxing Day the Victorians devoted this day to Charity. This is where gifts of money are put into a small little box and are then given to servants, tradesmen and the needy.


So that concludes my post on A Victorian Christmas. Hope your liked it and I’m just going to say one more thing and that is MERRY CHRISTMAS  TO ALL – AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT.


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