Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc also known as Maid of Orleans i have to say is one of my role models in life she is such an inspiration to young girls her age. Joan of Arc was born around the 6th January 1412 and died 30th May 1431 aged about 19 years old. Joan was highly religious, courageous for such a young age and was a very determined young girl. It is said that Joan experienced visions of angels and she also heard strange voices. These voices told her “Joan, you can deliver the land from the English. Go to the relief of King Charles.” After a while the strange voices and visions that Joan was experiencing finally became clear to her. She had a mission from God and that was to save France. When everyone found out of these strange voices and visions that Joan was hearing and seeing they tried to talk her out of it perusing them by telling her they were just dreams. After a while people did start to believe in Joan’s mission. At just 18 years of age she left Chinon at the head of her soldiers in April 1429.  Joan mounted a fine war-horse and was in white Armour from head to foot. In one hand she carried an ancient sword that she had found near the tomb of a saint and in the other hand a white banner that was embroidered with lilies. Joan and her soldier’s were amazingly successful and one after another they took English forts. However, only the strongest fort remained. Joan was leading an attacking force when she received a slight wound. Immediately Joan was carried out of the battle so that a surgeon could attend to her wound. However, when her soldiers started to retreat Joan shouted “Wait”. A few minutes late Joan got back on to her horse and rode up to the fort and her soldiers immediately followed her. The following day the enemy’s soldiers were forced to withdraw from the city and the battle siege ended. By this point the French had victory and they started calling Joan “Maid of Orleans”. After this victory Joan led the French into many other battles and again her Soldiers were victorious. Joan and her soldier’s finally drove the English to the North of France. After this Joan and her twelve thousand soldiers were invited to see him be crowned King. After this took place, Joan wanted to go home bu the King wanted her to get rid of the English totally. But Joan told him that she no longer hears the heavenly voices. However, under the King’s wish Joan continues and was then taken prisoner by Duke of Burgundy. The English gave Duke of Burgundy and very large sum of money for Joan. After Joan was handed over to the English she remained in prison for a year. The English then charged Joan with sorcery she was then brought to trial. When the trial closed she was told that she would be burnt at the stake. A soldier past a cross to Joan that he had made and she held it up against her chest. when the flames burst out around Joan, the noble young girl just uttered one word ‘Jesus’. 25 Years after the execution of Joan, a court that was authorized by Pope Callixtus III  examined the trial and pronounced her innocent, and declared her a martyr. She will forever be Saint Joan of Arc.

Below is a picture of Joan of Arc and a picture of Joan of Arc being captured.



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