Temple Manor

A couple of months back i visited Temple Manor in Strood. They had a special weekend on there. I had heard about the event when i visited Dover Castle Medieval event a few months previously. While i was at Dover Castle i met Russell Palmer who is a reenactor he specializes in Hospitaller St John and Templar Knights of the 12th and 13th Century. He had told me about the special weekend that was going to take place at Temple Manor so me and my parents decided to go along and have a look around. We followed the signs to Temple Manor and we ended up in the middle of an industrial estate and my dad thought that he may have taken a wrong turn but we went up the road a bit further and right in front of us to the left was Temple Manor in the middle of a fenced off area in the middle of an industrial estate. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we came across this beautiful little manor in an industrial estate.
While we were there we met up with Russell again and he gave us a talk on how Strood and Temple Manor played a part in the history of the Templar Knights. A lot of people that visited Temple Manor that weekend asked why were they in Strood? Well the answer that Russell gave was that the Templar Knights had many manors and houses all across Europe and especially the Middle East. The Manors, Houses and Lands that the Templar Knights had were actually granted to them by Kings, Queens and Nobles so that they could stay favourable with Templar’s. The land that actually surrounds Temple Manor was donated as a gift from Henry II to the Templar’s. So by the year 1185 Temple Manor was totally in full operation and it was actually earning more money than Temple Ewell and Waltham which was also owned by the Templar’s. I would well recommend a visit to Temple Manor there may not be a lot there but the stories you hear are worth it and you can just imagine what it would had been like 825 years ago. The walls in the Manor tell the stories. To hear these stories you just need to listen and i bet you will hear the story of the Strood Templar’s once again! Below is a picture of Temple Manor and a picture of me with Russell Palmer dressed as a Knights Templar which was taken during my weekend visit to Temple Manor.



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